designs: flim ad // invisible war
designs: cd cover // lilty back spin
designs: sports ad
designs: book cover // the black baddge
designs: book cover // he can be faithful
designs: boxing promotion // yasir
designs: boxing promotion // photography // yasir
designs: flyer // beat camp
designs: flim ad // heroin
designs: cd cover // king gillie
designs:NFL fILMS // National Tight Ends day poster
designs: flyer design // pisces party
designs: sports // ad action
designs: film ad // the devils dance
designs: dodge &  burn
designs: cd cover // meek mill // mr. philadelphia
designs: film ad // what death leaves behind
designs:film ad // my million dollar mom
designs: cd cover // nh // cs2
designs: cd cover // jimmy jump
designs:cd cover // scorp da boy // weed out too
designs: film ad // tales of a shadowboxer
designs: cd cover // yazz // going for the crown
designs: flyer // express Telcommunications

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